As I write this, there is a lot going on here in and on our island.

Why mention all this you ask, I recently travelled, well over 10,000 miles in total, and my research and experiences, I felt were worth sharing; especially in light of recent changes.

A Brief History Lesson Of The Past Three (3) Months

A few months ago many of us booked holidays, or business trips abroad. For many it was the first time we could get away in almost two (2) years.

We followed the rules, got both Covid jabs, some us even received the booster jab, received our NHS Covid Pass, and felt we were on our way to travel.

How wrong we were….

For some countries the rules changed and we needed a PCR test and to show negative results, 48 hours prior to the trip. That is if we wished to travel.

Then the rules changed again, while we were outside the UK. Rules get changed and if you wish to come home, you need to follow the new rules that were changed while you were away.

Then for some of us, depending on what country we visited, we needed another PCR test again 48 hours prior to fling back to the UK, in addition to a 2-Day PCR test within 48 hours of our return to the UK. This in addition to completing a UK government locator form, which you must provide evidence you have booked said 2-Day PCR test, once again in order to enter back home in the UK.

All this is fine and good, and we need to protect ourselves and our country. But other countries are not doing this. In fact, in America, face masks are not compulsory, at all!

If the devolved nations are quick to impose new restrictions, and it would seem a good measure to do so, why has England not done so?

I’d ask BoJo, but he will not return my calls.

Next let’s discuss cashless payments.

Not Everyone Accepts Cashless Payments

My experience and research showed many small shops, businesses, pubs, etc, only took cash for payment. And this was not just in the UK, but also other countries.

My point, there is no consistency between anyone as to how to address certain issues related to this pandemic.

Countries cannot agree on what restrictions to impose or lift, and using cash is surely going to aid in the spread of the virus.

Do I have answers? Yes I do, as I pontificate to my family on a daily basis:)

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