Hi Jon,

I have followed your web site and the advice you have given and now need some advice of my own.

My mother is 85 and her health is failing. She does not own her property, it is a Council house she has lived in for 80 years. Yes, 80 years, it was my nan’s house.

My mum owes some small debts here and there, a catalogue of about £200, a credit card with a balance of £400, and some smaller accounts here and there. In total she may owe £1,000.

My question is what to do with these as she is moving in with myself and my partner?





Can your mum afford to continue to repay these accounts once she moves in with you? If so, just continue paying them.

If she cannot continue to pay the accounts, contact those she owes, make them aware of her situation, and they should be understanding and possibly accept token payments, or you can just deal with the accounts if the creditors try to collect. There is nothing they can do if she has no assets or money to pay.

You also may wish to see legal advice for any estate planning and power to handle her affairs.



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