Let us preface this quick piece of writing and reading with, I am not a conspiracy theorist.


Recently in doing some travelling to the Colonies, and also speaking with others who were travelling, there seemed to be a common thread through the conversation, and that was the cost of a PCR Covid test, and where to get the test on in order to travel. Also the time constraints of said test.

The criteria for this PCR test varies according to country and airline, but the basics seem to be, you need to show a negative PCR test taken 48 hours prior to flying, and you need to have a PCR test within 2 days (48 hours), of returning to the UK. You report this return test on a government locator form.

Oh wait….you do not report the return test, the testing centre does?????

My point here is this, there was no where in the Free World who I spoke with and researched that could provide a PCR test results within the time needed to fly. The tests had a 2 to 4, sometimes 5 day window to get the results back. And that does not fly, huge pun intended, especially with the Verifly app, and most airlines.

So what is a person to do???

You have to, no you must get tested at the airport, where they magically will give you your PCR results in 30 minutes! Yes, 30 minutes!


And you can even wait the 30 minutes for a magical hard copy.

Then upon your return to the UK, you need another PCR test, and this test needs to be booked before you return, and you need to provide the PCR booking reference number on a government locator form, that you need to show to the airline’s agent, before you can get a boarding pass.

Wait, can you not just check-in online?? NO!

Do these agents know what to do and what questions to ask and what documents, Verify, UK locator form, test results, etc ……NO! The agents for some airlines are as lost as we are as what to do.

So you may ask, Jon what is your point here???

My point is this:

You cannot get a PCR test result back in time within the 48 hour window unless you go to the airport, and in America, pay $249.

So To Recap….my experience and research showed:

You need a PCR test prior to flying to some countries, at a cost which can be as much as £99.

You need a PCR test to return to the UK, which in America can only be done at the airport at a cost of $249.

You need a 2 day PCR test upon your return to the UK, at a cost of usually £55.

You do the math!

Added expenses to travelling.

And I will add this little bit of conspiracy thought….

No one who does these tests is a medical professional! I am unsure what qualifications they even have????

The ones I saw in my city in the UK, and in America looked to be very early twenties. I even asked a couple of them what they did prior to the job of swabbing my throat and nose, and testing me for Covid. The response ranged from I worked retail, to this is my first job!

No medical qualifications what so ever!


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