I am looking for some advice on investing a bit of money I have come into. My father died first and left everything to my mum, and now she has passed. She has left the estate to me and my 2 sisters. I don’t need the money, but would like to see it build and grow more for my children. I was wondering if you had any advice on investments?




I am not really an investment kind of guy, although I did carry a Series 6 Licence with the SEC/Security and Exchange Commission in the US many a moon ago.

I have written over the years of various investments, and also risk aversion; how much are you willing to lose, as high returns equate to high risk.

You need to access your risk aversion, and also speak to a licensed investment professional. They are best to advise you on what, and where you may wish to place your money.

I am sorry to hear of your parents moving onward, but I do appreciate the fact you want to use the money wisely.



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