I hope you can advise me on this. My partner and I split up a few months ago, and I am getting notices and bills in the post that these loans and credit cards have not been paid. The bills are in both are names, my partner wanted it that way. I am concerned about who should pay these accounts? He took them out, but they are in both are names. He paid them when we were together, but the post comes here. It is about £4,000 worth of debt. I am unsure what to do?



Unfortunately, if you both, you and your ex-partner are on the accounts, you both are liable and responsible for the accounts. As your address is what the creditors have, they will send notices of arrears and late payments to that address.

Do you have any contact with your ex-partner? You may want to speak to them and see what is happening and why these accounts are not being paid. It may be an oversight on there part.

Let me know more as this progresses, and I can advise further.



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