One of my friends left the country in 2015 without paying his credit cards and council tax. He returned recently to UK after 6 years. whether they chase him for unpaid bills and will it affect his enhanced DBS check for his work?



Has your friend had any contact since he left the UK with the Council or anyone he owes?

I ask as that will determine to what extent the creditors or Council may have gone to try and locate him and collect the debts.

Owing money and being in debt does not affect a DBS, however, if he was issued a CCJ or County Court Judgment, it may affect it. That is why he needs to know the outcome of the accounts, and some Councils do pursue the collecting of Council Tax.

In most instances, if a person has had no contact from a creditor for a period of six (6) years, a debt can be Statute Barred, meaning it is no longer owed.

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I am assuming your friend is returning to the UK on some form of work Visa? He can also inquire with his new employer regarding this as well.



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  1. I just answered your question regarding unpaid Council Tax and returning to the UK and how it may affect an enhanced DBS.

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      I answered your question about unpaid Council Tax an bills in the UK and getting an enhanced DBS. If you have any additional information, or questions, just ask me.



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