Courting as it was called back in my time, dating today, has certainly changed over the years, really changed, especially now.

Gone are the days of going to the pub, or dance hall, and chatting up and dancing with someone, getting to know them, go on dates to see and experience new things with that person, and see if love really is in the air.

There always was an element of expense associated with dating. And I am not saying who should pay for the date, whatever the date may be, a film, meal, or maybe just a coffee, my philosophy has been the person that asks for the date, pays for the date.

This is not say many couples share the expense, and many couples as time in the relationship moves on, they do share expenses.

But dating can or I say could, get expensive. Meals for two, transportation, drinks, I am sure we all have experienced this.

As a struggling university student decades and decades ago, my partner and I found interesting and cheap ways to date. Cooking meals in for each other was one, museums and art galleries that had free admittance was another.

Fast forward to the digital age, and everyone on their computer or mobile phones, and dating went digital as well. Dating apps and web sites. Granted they do help in finding someone, but some of these web sites were and still are charging a hefty price to access them.

Years ago someone I know joined a dating web site, they never got a date, in fact no one responded to their profile. So after a few months they decided to give up and quit the dating site. Not less than 24 hours after giving the web company notice they were not renewing their profile, 5 people contacted them to see about getting a date, 5 people just that quick. Coincidence??? We think not.

Dating In a Pandemic Word

With all the lock downs, and changes in social behaviours, it goes without saying, dating changed, and is still changing. Some countries are going back into another lock down, that hinders dating and meeting someone new.

But necessity being the mother of invention, we found a way to date, and for some, even fall in love. That invention, the increased use of video calls, either via your computer, or one of the many mobile apps out there to make video calls.

People are even having video dates! Sitting alone, but together on a video call, watching films, having a drink, and even a meal.

Technology is our friend.

And one thing this technology has also done is to save us money. There is no real expenses associated with a video date.

This technology has also created some very long distance relationships. If someone lived hundreds of miles from you, or in another country, you may not be so inclined to take the time and energy to get to know them, but not so now.

I spoke with a young man last week who is doing video calls with a woman in America. If they ever get to meet in person, who knows? But for now they are both happy.

It makes you wonder what will be next in the realm of dating, virtual reality, AI…..robots?

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