I am not going to provide links, or name names, but we all know about online reviews, and how to find them. Just about every business that has an online presence, has reviews of their goods and services on their web site.

OK, I’ll mention one web site, Amazon, maybe two, Argos, for each product they sell, they allow buyers to write and post a review of the product.

The question is….how accurate are these reviews? They can be and usually are, very subjective.

One person’s roof, is another person’s floor.

One person’s trash, is another person’s treasure.

As the sayings go.

So how do you get a real objective review?

You don’t.

Even consumer experts such as (insert expert’s name here), can be persuaded by various factors. One being getting their name and web site and link, on another web site. It is almost as if the review itself is an advert….for the reviewer!

If you read enough reviews before buying a product or service, you can sort of see the differences, and separate the wheat from the chaff.

You can also sense when a customer posts a review, and while it may be negative, it may have been a stock, delivery, or some other issue outside the manufactors control.

I always read reviews, and while most are positive, there is always a bad one that gets in there. As a company, many may not post negative or bad reviews. If all you see are 100% great reviews, that can make you think as well.

Fake or False Reviews

Yes, these do happen.

Sellers or companies can post their own reviews and make them up as they go, it happens.

Fortunately, many web sites do try and vet those posting the reviews, using things like “verified buyer”.

In this day and age, there will always be some slipping under the radar, and we will see fake reviews, however, most web sites are also getting better at catching these.

Personally, I am tired of getting the endless emails to rate and review something or someone online. You buy a shirt online and receive emails daily, how did we do? It is too much for me. But without those real experience reviews, how would we know who to buy from????

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