This could also be titled, A New Day And a New Covid Variant, as that is what it seems like.

If I am to interpret the new government guidelines and rules, which go into effect on Tuesday the 30th, due to the new Omicron variant of Covid, face masks are now compulsory in shops and on public transport, and any international arrivals to the UK must take a PCR test, on or before day two of arriving in the UK, and you must self-isolate until you receive the test results.

A day two PCR test is a Covid test done “on or before day 2 of your arrival into the UK”.

And these are just the new rules and restrictions for now, they are to be reviewed and revaluated in three (3) weeks. So they may change.

Why am I writing and mentioning all this you may ask??? Do you know how much a PCR test can cost?

Some tests are as much as £90, and I know, as I paid for one to travel recently. It was a 3 hour results test, which is the quickest available, to my knowledge. The cheapest PCR test was supposedly £39, but that was a test after you quarantined, and just to prove you were now clear.

Even at £39 per test, per person, a family of 4, returning to the UK from a holiday….a holiday they have already booked months in advance under the old rules where no test was to be required, are now going to incur an additional expense of £156.

And the reality of it all is that most people returning will need a much more expensive test, maybe £59, or more.

That adds up for families. My test was £90 just for me, and there was no other choice, the airline wanted a test done 48 hours prior to my boarding one of their planes. And it was to take 24 hours a lone just to get to that plane, as no planes fly local from where I live to the airport I need to fly out of to my destination. The airlines have changed their flight patterns due to the numerous lock downs and travel restrictions.

The companies offering these tests are making bank!

Do we need these extra precautions? Yes, I feel we do, even if we moan about the cost. There are no price tags on lives.

Some costs to travel are up, and some down, in the end…we will all pay more. These costs will soon be the new norm if we want to travel.

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