Black Friday as we all now know, is the day the retailers put on the big sales to lure us out to shop for Christmas. But do you know the origin of Black Friday?

Black Friday began in the USA, in America, and is the day after Thanksgiving there, and signals the beginning of the Christmas season, and Christmas shopping.

Here in the UK, we began following the concept of Black Friday around 2014, as typically here, Boxing Day was the biggest shopping day.

So here in the UK, we adopted an American shopping tradition, and naturally the retailers loved it.

Then there also is Cyber Monday, the biggest online shopping day of the year, which falls the Monday after Black Friday.

One reason Black Friday is called Black Friday, as because it is the biggest shopping day of the year, and deals are to had via the sales, it allows many retailers to earn enough to put them back into the black, and out the red financially.

My Local Research On Black Friday

In the interest of my many readers and followers, your intrepid writer ventured out to his local city centre in search of sales, and deals, and to see what savings were to be had.

And we all like saving money.

So what did I see and find…..a lot of shoppers….some sales…but overall, no really deep discounted deals?

The city centre was very crowded, and you could see people carrying multiple bags of items, but at looking at items in many stores, I did not see much if any of a discount. Just large signs touting a discount.

I know the cost of goods and services has gone up due to the economic impact from the pandemic, but there were no real savings.

Maybe it was just me?

So I asked some friends of mine who live for Black Friday, what discounts and sales they found. They concurred, not much if any.

Maybe this is the new, post pandemic Black Friday.

I did notice the pubs and restaurants were doing a brisk trade, as they usually do when shoppers are out and about. I noticed many people with bags of stuff, I just did not notice any big savings, all but one, electric toothbrushes were 50% off…so we bought one.

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