We are now in a pre-post-pandemic world, I say/write pre-post, as Covid will always be with us, and we may need booster jobs each year for some, just as we do for the various flu viruses that surround us.

I have previously written about how the pandemic has cost us dearly, with the loss of lives, loved ones, and also financially. However, there also seems to be another “perfect storm” on the horizon, and that is not just an increase in food, petrol, and other essentials, but also our housing costs.

Rents seem to be increasing, which they do almost every April if you have a social landlord, or whenever your tenancy agreement needs to be renewed. But just the basics to maintain a household seem to be rising.

Is this due to the pandemic? Possibly, as many gas and utility companies are going bust, which means less competition.

Less competition + fewer companies = hirer tariffs.

Personally, I have been notified that all my utilities are increasing, all of them!

So how can you save money on the basics? Common sense really.

Saving Money On Water Rates

Paying for water is cheap, it is the removal of waste that is the expensive part of your water rates.

If you do not pay your water rates, for the most part, your water cannot be turned off for safety and health reasons. However, you still owe the bills.

If you have a water meter, then there are things you can do to reduce your water rates. If you are on a fixed monthly tariff, besides inviting family and friends to bath at yours and charge .50p each, there is little you can do. There is a sole occupancy discount with some H2O providers, but that is about as good as it gets.

They say…..who are they?

They say showers use less water than baths, so short of sharing bath water, which back in the day we did, showers may be a way to reduce water consumption….unless you have an electric shower, which we will discuss later.

Flushing the toilet less is a way to save water if on a meter.

As the saying goes, “if it is yellow let it mellow, if it is brown, flush it down”.

I think that explains it all, flush less, use less water.

Saving Money On Gas and Electricity

I am seeing and hearing about tariff increases for gas and electricity. And there are ways to save.

I am having a smart meter installed after the first of the year, so I will report more on this after that time, but a smart meter is said to allow you real time access to your usage of gas and electricity. This then allows you ways to reduce consumption.

Turning off the plugs is said to save money. Only putting the amount of water you need in a kettle to boil another.

I am curious to see what electricity Vampires I have in my home????

Does my Alexa, or Alexi, as I have a few, draw electricity even if not in use??

My computer is always in standby mode, is that drawing the precious juice we call electricity?

A digital frame always flashing my life’s memories, how much electricity does that consume?

Questions….the answers will come in time.

When we discussed saving on water rates, and showers use less water than baths, if you have an electric show, with hot water on demand, these use a lot of electricity.  Obvously quick showers save money, but you may need to balance the cost of the water for a bath against the cost of the electricity to run the shower.

The Deity We Call Internet or WiFi

Who could live without Internet these days? Yet there are those that do. In many ways I admire them. I am a slave, a serf, a waif, to my Internet. Yes, I know that is a bit of an exaggeration, and a stretch of the definition of the words.

But I am bound to my computer and its accessibility to the outside world, which is the Internet.

My Internet provider has raised their costs to me by .99p. It doesn’t sound like much, but it is an increase never the less.

No reason why, just there you go…..99p more.

However, in the same breath, or email, they offer faster service, more bandwidth, and dancing ladies on your doorstep, (yes, I know this sounds misogynistic, but it is just a saying, so no hate emails please, it could be dancing fit men), all for a hefty increase in price. In some offers, double what I am paying. And the benefits are just not worth it.

So how to save on your Internet costs? I am unsure….I am on the cheapest tariff offered by my provider, and my WiFi is great, so far. I am just going to have to cough up the extra .99p.

Contents and Building Insurance

I recently reduced my home insurance by half, just by shopping around, and also getting a policy with my bank.

There are so many comparison web sites out there, you need a comparison web site to tell you which comparison web site is the best. (seed planted for someone to do just that).

The ways to save money on contents or building insurance is to look at your excess, and your coverage. By increasing the excess, you may be able to lower the premiums, and also look at how much coverage you have. Some people value their belongings higher than their real worth. They might be valued at that to you, but the reality is, unless you have antiques or jewellery of value, most household items are not worth as much as you may think.

There are probably many more ways to save money here, so if you have any suggestions, just post them under the comments section below. Thanks!

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