And I not talking about the political party either.

I have been speaking to various friends and people out in the working world, and also researching jobs on the Internet job boards, and it appears that there are quite a few jobs available out there….if you want them.

The majority of the jobs I found were in retail, hospitality, and restaurants, food businesses.

In part this shortage of labour is due to the Brexit and many EU Nationals leaving the UK to go back home. They were a huge part of the labour force hre in the UK, and they will be missed.

Just look at the lorry driver shortage, and the government trying to coax them back from the EU with huge bonuses.

Unsure if that is working yet or not. In my part of the country we are being told to expect shortages, and do our Christmas shopping now.

The point is, there are jobs out there. They may not be the jobs we all want, or dreamed of, but work is out there.

I spoke with a work coach for a local Job Centre and they agreed, more and more jobs are coming on the market. The DWP even have a programme to help those age 16 to 24 on benefits to find jobs, and good jobs. It is called the Kickstart Scheme.

So as the new normal falls into the old normal, and the pandemic gets further behind us, we will sort out our labour and supply issues.


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