In quite a surprise move, Amazon UK is stated they will no longer accept Visa credit cards for payments and purchases as of January 19, 2022!

That is a bit of a shocker.

Amazon stated this was due to the high transaction fees Visa charges, however, Visa debit cards will still be accepted.

Naturally for many consumers this is limiting their choice of how to pay for a purchase. It also has not helped Visa much, as their stock has dropped in value anywhere from 5% to 7% depending where you look.

Those Amazon customers who pay monthly for Amazon Prime with a Visa card, will need to switch to an alternative method of payment, and Amazon is offering an incentive of £20 to those Prime customers that make a switch in their payment methods.

One must wonder and speculate if this change is not related somehow to the Brexit??? The change and not accepting Visa credit cards, is only limited to the UK, not the EU??

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