My partner of 20 years and I are sadly splitting up, they have found someone new. It is still hard for me to think about. I moved into their home 15 years ago, and we have split the bills 50/50 since then. It was her house, but for 15 years I paid half the mortgage, and half all the bills. I paid for repairs to the roof, and also to have the garden redone. Now with splitting up, I get nothing, and the house is worth over £200,000, and the mortgage has been paid off for years now. I think I am entitled to a share of the property, maybe even half. Any advice is greatly appreciated.




I am sorry to hear you and your partner are splitting up. Divorces and partners ending is a very emotional and financial time.

Having contributed as much as you have to the property, and the repairs, could place you in a position to claim beneficial interest.

You will need to seek legal advice on this, and I am sure your ex-partner will not be happy you are doing this, but it is an option to explore.



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