Hello and I hope you can help. My partner and I are getting married. We were supposed to get married last year, but due to the lock downs the wedding got postponed. My partner has some debt, but even more now as he took out a huge loan to pay for our wedding. I’d rather he had not done this, but it is done now. The debts he carries are just in his name. By getting married am I responsible for these debts now?




Congratulations on the upcoming wedding.

The quick answer to your questions is, no. Just by getting married does not make you liable in any way for any debts or accounts just in your partner’s name.

Do you own any property together?

I ask because if your partner/future husband were to default on the debts, his portion of any equity in a property could be at risk. What portion is yours is yours, but it can get complicated.

And that is only if the debts were to go into default, and collection efforts were made.



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