I hope you can help. I had a gambling problem for years and have recently begun treatment through Gamblers Anonymous. The major problem is I have £10,000 of credit card debt, and while I was making the minimum payments, I have now been made redundant. I qualify and am receiving Universal Credit, but I can no longer afford to pay the credit cards. I am looking for advice.




I am glad you are addressing the gambling addiction by going to GA, that is the first and very important beginning.

Have you spoke with the credit card companies? They may be able to offer you a token payment plan until you are back to work.

This will give you time to decide your next move, which if you cannot find suitable work in a time frame you decide, you may wish to look at insolvency options, such as a DRO/Debt Relief Order. Making the decision to enter into a DRO will depend on a few factors, and you will need professional advice prior to making that decision.

I hope this helps.



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