I have written in the past about new scams, and how not to be scammed avoiding fraudsters. However, it is getting more and more difficult to stay out of scamming and fraudster’s pool.

It seems that scammers now want to go again to the point of where you get your cash, a cash machine.

In the past there have been cashpoint scams where the scammers set-up fake card readers, where you insert your bank card and it is not returned, or your details are taken off the card from the fake reader.

Now it seems in South London some cash machines have fake cash drawers or where the money comes out.

You go to the cashpoint to take out £20 or so, and the money does not come out. You may at that time walk away and phone your bank, but in reality a criminal has blocked the cash drawer with their own plate or device. They then return at some point to collect the money that people had attempted to take out.


It is getting more difficult to see these scams, but the more read about them, and also keep our eyes open for anything that looks out of the ordinary or odd, we can avoid being scammed.

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