Is Lawyer Solutions Group a trustworthy company, and is it capable of assisting me in recovering my lost investments?

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Is Lawyers Solutions Group Trustworthy to Recover Bitcoin?




I know it seems you have been knocked about a bit, and wound up with me….but it is a bit confusing???

I first have to ask why you are trying to recover a Bitcoin investment?? And using Lawyer Solutions Group? How did you find them? You stated they contacted you?

Why I ask is that if you invested in some form of cryptocurrency, you then have a digital wallet, and only you should have access to it. In addition, the blockchain for cryptocurrency, shows all transactions. Period. No messing about.

So my coming into this late in the game, my questions are….why are you using a third party recovery service??

Did you invest in Bitcoin using someone else, a third party or broker? If so, you may have recourse to recover funds. Legal advice is needed. But to my knowledge, what laws are there in the digital world??

If you invested directly on your own, then there may be no recourse.

Cryptocurrency like Bitcoin is unregulated. You throw the dice, you take the chance. I am not a legal expert, so you need legal advice. But there are no laws I know of for cryptocurrency. It is a digital realm, and a whole new realm of mischief.

It is unregulated.

Have you actually spoke with someone from Lawyer Solution(s) Group? And if so, what was that conversation, if you had one.

I live in England, and the phone number on their web site is a London number as it begins with 020, however, when I try to ring them, the calls do not go through. And I have tried every variance of the number.

In researching their address, it is a business centre in London, however, no Lawyer Solution Group is listed as being there.

I see typos in the emails you have had. Solicitors and Lawyers, usually do not have typos in their correspondence. Especially i as opposed to I.

I have also found some obvious typos on their web site as well. Some typos and grammar errors are almost like English is not their first language.

I cannot find anything about this company on Companies House here in the UK. They show and list all licensed companies. This does not mean the company is not real, but I could not find details about them.

My research for a Daniel Jackson proved nothing as it is a common name.

My advice would be to contact the Financial Ombudsman Service and speak with them. But again, they would only be of help if you used a broker here in the UK or a third party service. Investing directly into cryptocurrency is a take your chances deal.

Bottom line, if you feel uncomfortable, you may wish to avoid this firm or service. If they state they have recovered funds for you, how did they do this, and ask them to send you a cheque. No need to provide bank details.

I hope in some way this helps.



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  1. Thanks Jon.
    The story in short is:
    Back in 2018 I invested in 2 companies called 60op and KayaFx. I invested 3000 EUR in 60op, and my account was 5550 EUR when the account manager and 60op disappeared. I invested 7500 EUR in KayaFx, and my account was 17.000 EUR when the account manager disappeared. I expected the money was lost to these two scam companies.
    Occasionally I have been contacted by young and aggressive companies/persons who tells me, that they have recovered my lost investments, and in order to unfreeze the bitcoins, I will have to pay a certain percents of the recovered amount, before it can be transferred to my bank account in a currency I can use in Denmark, and if I didn’t do it, the money would be lost for good. In general I told them to get lost.

    Senior consultant Mr. Daniel Jackson from Lawyers Solutions Group contacted me around 2 month ago. He is 45 years old, friendly and he has all the time in the world. He tells me, that he has been given the job to return my 1.7 bitcoins (82.134 USD) by the the Cybercrime commission, and that I have to pay 4.100 USD in order to unfreeze the account at (another unregulated and unlicensed company). Furthermore I’ll have to pay 15% in commission to Lawyers Solutions Group, after I have received my recovered 82.134 USD plus the 4.100 USD.

    In order to check Mr. Daniel Jackson’s story, Lawyers Solutions Group and to get verification from the Cybercrime commission etc, I have stalled the payment of the 4.100 USD for almost 2 month, but I have not been able to get anything verified. Nothing at all.

    I’ve saved all the email correspond age with Mr. Daniel Jackson and with, and I really want to nail them if it’s possible.

    Best regards
    Chris Rose

    1. Chris,

      Thanks for the additional information, and I am sorry to hear of your experiences.

      My advice over the years has been not to pay upfront for that type of service. Having the company operate on a contingency and taking a percentage of the money recovered, is fine, and how most businesses operate.

      My research on Lawyers Solutions Group was inconclusive, but was leaning to they are not all they state they are. In addition, there are no guarantees you pay the fee and they magically locate your money. Can you deal directly with the Cybercrime Commission?

      Unfortunately, your money may be lost. Recovering money in a digital realm is very, very difficult. The fact is, even if a company can locate the firms or persons you delt with and invested your money, the money may have been spent, and the persons who owe you could go bankrupt.

      Very complex, cryptocurrency investments, digital realm, different countries and laws.

      If I turn up any new information, I will let you know, and keep me up to date with any new information you receive and also what you decide.



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