Hi and I hope you can provide some advice.

I was placed on furlough when the pandemic hit, and now have been made redundant. I have a lot of debt due to living off of credit cards and trying to manage paying my mortgage. I am tired of it all. I looked into an IVA, but am unsure if I could even afford those payments. I am stressed and it is affecting my mental health. I just need some advice.

Thank you.



Your health, be it mental or physical comes first….debt comes last.

I have a few questions, and they are not to stress you any further, but just to get a better picture of your situation.

How much in total do you owe?

Are the accounts in just your name?

Do you have any equity in your property, and how do you feel about the property? Are you in arrears with the mortgage?

And lastly, who did you speak with about an IVA, and what were the payments?

Thanks for reading those questions, and you always have options. There are always solutions to debt issues, always!

Depending on your full set of circumstances and answers, you may find an IVA is an option, if you are working.

If you are not working, a Debt Relief Order, or even Bankruptcy may be a solution.

You can always do a token payment plan to get some relief and take time to sort matters out.

Having a property with a mortgage can be something that also dictates what you may wish to do, that and if you are or will be back working soon.

Get back to me, email or use the message system, and we can discuss matters more in detail, and sort this out for you.



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