I am sure you have seen, read, and heard the adverts, see if you qualify for a (insert loan or credit card), and it will not affect your credit score.

And depending on the process used by the lender, this can be true. The facts are that when you apply for credit, an inquiry or “footprint” is placed on your credit file. The footprint shows who reviewed your credit report, and the date.

Too many of these inquiries can reduce or lower your credit score.

However, the inquiries that lower your credit score are hard inquiries, one’s where you have applied for credit, and given permission for the lender to look at your credit file.

Eligibility checkers are what is called soft inquiries. These do not affect your credit score, they also do not provide a full picture of your credit history. But again, they do not affect your credit score.

These eligibility checkers are used by lenders to send out notices of being pre-qualified, or if you look online, a quick way to show you that you could be approved for a loan or credit card.

In addition to eligibility checkers not affecting your credit score, you viewing your credit report, and also if an employer has your permission to view your credit file, these do not affect your credit score.

You can read more on how to improve your credit score here.

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