Here in the UK we have heard of supply shortages, demand is high, and supply is low, but why???

I recently wrote about the cost to hire a car, and also there is a wait in buying some new cars. In part due to a “chip” shortage. A micro processor that new cars require, is in high demand.

Not that the pandemic is over, but we are hopefully on the other side of it, and there is now a huge pent-up demand for items, and with everyone working from home, or manufacturers being closed, they need to play catch-up.

However, while we may be feeling that demand and wait here in the UK, we are not alone on this planet.

I have been speaking with friends and colleagues in other countries, and they are experiencing the same thing. Delays in various items to order or be delivered, again all due to supply chain issues.

In the USA, and the UK, cargo ships struggle to come into the ports to be unloaded. I noticed that in Liverpool, there are many jobs on offer, with no experience required, training provided, to learn to “work the docks” as they say and unload containers off of ships.

It is in part a staffing issue, and also a manufacturer issue. A perfect storm for consumers such as us, to demand, wait, and prices to go up.

However, we are not is this alone.

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