Hi Jon,

My partner and I of 20 years are going our separate ways, and we are dividing the bills and accounts as to who pays what. We have 2 joint credit cards and a car on HP that is in both our names. We do not own any property, we live in what was a Council house, but is now with a housing association. I am the one moving out as the house has been fitted for my partner who has a disability. I am going to pay for the car as I need it for work, and he will pay the 2 credit cards. It sounds good and looks good on paper, we have an agreement, but just wanted some advice.

I appreciate your input.




Ending a relationship after 20 years is not and will never be easy.

The fact you are both making decisions as to who will pay what account or debt is a good thing.

The other fact is that as you are both on the credit cards and the car on Hire Purchase, you both are fully liable.

Out of curiosity, is the car a motability car?

As long as the accounts are paid, all will be fine. If one of you stops making payments, be it the car or the credit cards, as you both are responsible, then the lenders or who you you owe may and could seek payment from the other person. You both are equally responsible and liable for the accounts.

I wish you the best for the future.



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