Lately I have been watching on catch-up, repeats, or encore performances of a TV show entitled “Still Game”.

The show is a comedy, set in Scotland near Glasgow, and is about two pensioners and the antics they get up to in their old age. It is a very funny series, and if you watch too many episodes you’ll have a Scottish accent, ha ha.

One of the reoccurring themes in the show is that Jack and Victor, being pensioners, must “watch the pennies”, as they are on a fixed income.

With my retirement age quickly approaching it made me think about retiring and handling debt and bills, and personal finances in general.

When we speak of debt, it is hoped that by the time we retire, we are not in debt…hopefully. But it does not always work out that way, however there are always options.

One thing that has not been touched on in the show I am watching is that as you get older, life does not get any cheaper. We can try to save here and there, but the cost of life and living, keeps going up.

And it is not just the day-to-day bills.

You retire, the kids are now grown, so you don’t have that expense….hopefully, but what about grand children and great grand children. I am a grand father and want and like to contribute to my grand children’s lives. It may be by music lessons, sports activities outside school, and just general gifts.

It all adds up.

And have you looked at what the basic state pension is at the moment?

£137.60 a week. That is all.

Of course you can supplement this amount with other retirements, but other retirements can impact how much you may receive.

It is well worth researching and investigating about retirements and bills and debt long before the day arrives. You can never been too young to plan for retirement, in fact the earlier you start, the better.

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