Hello, I am self employed, didn’t qualify for the covid grants and got kicked off universal credit after 10 months for daring to help my family in Portugal with their homestead for over a month. As a result I have a credit card debt that I do not want to pay back.

How do I start the process of telling my bank to poke it and does it mean they are likely to close my current account too. Thank you. The information you guys are putting out there is absolutely fantastic.



Thank you for appreciating what we do here.

As to your situation, I do have a few questions, such as why were you “kicked off” Universal Credit? Was it you left the UK for over 30 days? I am unsure why you would be denied the benefit, unless you were not actively looking for work.

How much do you owe the bank/credit card?

You can contact the bank/credit card company and advise them you do not want to pay them, but that is not really a good excuse. If you are working, but struggling with the debt, you can set-up a token payment plan for a period of time.

Do you owe any other accounts?

If so, you could look at other debt options.

Obviously any of these options and not paying will affect your credit and credit score.

As to if the bank will close your current account if you fail to pay the credit card, there is that real possibility.

Banks have the right to do this, and depending on the terms and conditions on both accounts, they very well may do so.

It is a way a bank or lender can off-set a debt.

Get back to me and we can look closer at this.



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