My boyfriend has a lot of debts, and receives calls from collection agencies all the time. He wants us to move in together in my property.

I bought my house many years ago, and still have a small mortgage. I am worried if he moves in his creditors will take my house.

Can I be forced to pay my boyfriend’s debts?




The short and quick answer here is no, unless you are a co-signer, guarantor, or in some way named on the accounts your boyfriend has, you are not responsible or liable for the accounts. And your property is not at risk.

If your boyfriend contributes to the property, by paying for the mortgage, maintenance, and any improvements, a creditor could try to show your boyfriend has a “beneficial interest” in the property.

Having your boyfriend pay housekeeping is not a way to contribute to beneficial interest. He would have to directly pay towards the property.

I hope this helps.



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