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Talk about speaking out of both sides of your mouth, but the above statement is true.

As of October 4th of this year, the UK changed their complex travel system, from green, amber, and red, to just green and red. Red countries have harsher travel restrictions, some restricted entirely.

The United States have stated that as of November 8th, those that have had both Covid jabs, can travel from the UK to the USA, however currently, you need a PCR test 48 to 72 hours prior to flying.

I have previously written about the skies opening up, and how it will be good for the economy. Being able to travel and fly again, brings in money for the airlines, hotels, restaurants, and everyone involved.

In researching travel expenses, I came up with a few revelations:

Odd, I know.

Here is what I researched and found out.

Air Travel: Obviously this depends on where you fly to, and what time of year you fly. Mid-terms are always more expensive, period. In pricing flights out of the UK to the Colonies, the prices were lower than expected, however there was one big issue.

That issue is that many airlines have changed their routes, and the airports they fly out of to go to the states. This means you may have to catch 2 flights to get to the states. An example would be there previously were flights out of Manchester (MAN), direct to Philadelphia (PHL). You now fly Manchester to London Heathrow (LHR), then to the states. However, again the prices were lower than past research, pre-pandemic.

Local Travel/Staycations: My research showed these to be more expensive, most probably due to demand as people could not travel abroad.

Hotels: My research on this showed a wide vary in costs. I noticed some hotels had reduced their prices and were very reasonable in what they charged now as to prior the pandemic. But other hotels, and it was not a regional thing, or if they were close to an airport, had increased their rates tremendously. But again, this could be a demand and surge pricing issue.

Travel Insurance: Definitely most costly! In the past I could get a good travel insurance policy for my partner and I for 7 days in the USA for £30 to £35. Now the cheapest policy I could find for myself was over £50.

Covid Tests/PCR Tests: The prices on these Covid tests vary according to how long you are willing to wait for the results. If you need the results in 3 hours, you can pay £90, if you want the results in 12 hours or the next day, you may pay £39. However, you need to insure you have the results prior to flying, and there can be a 48hr to 72hr window to use the results.

Ancillary Expenses: These expenses can include train fares, taxis, parking, petrol, anything that is a part of your journey to get from point A to point B. Survey says….they have all gone up, and good luck getting a taxi depending where you are and the time of day.

Another huge change is in the cost of food, or dining out when travelling, which means restaurants. I found chippies and takeaways to be reasonable, and about the same prices. If you are doing fine dining, or dining in somewhere, the prices have spiked quite a bit. One restaurant I researched had a 25% increase in prices. This could be due to overall prices going up, trying to make up lost revenue, and also supply chain issues.

I suppose as a whole travel costs may have balanced themselves just a bit due to the lower airfares, but again, that depends on where and when you are flying.

The airlines I researched were the following:

The hotel chains I researched were the following:

Train fares were researched via National Rail, taxi costs researched locally in the North. Travel insurance researched via two insurance comparison web sites.

In the time I have wrote this, the flights I researched have been changed. It appears the airlines are now reducing the frequency of flights, domestically in the USA, and long haul from the UK to the USA.

Anyone experiencing the same thing or having knowledge of the changes in flights, write me here.

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