I have written and also discussed with people the whole “buy now, pay later” culture as we say. Credit is credit, and it has been around for years, and this form of credit is not really anything new.

You order items online, and then instead of paying for them at the moment of the purchase or sale, you differ the payment to a later time. This is under the guise of making it easier to budget for the purchase, and pay for it when you have the money.

Just recently a large BNPL firm is offering the option of “pay now”, in addition to buy now, pay later.

Maybe it’s just me, but I don’t get it???

If you are a buy now, pay later company, by offering pay now, you are no different than any other online seller. So where is the deal?

Part of the “deal” that is on offer is that you can order different sizes, and different types of clothing, and returning the ones that don’t fit or they do not want. This is helpful in buying and deciding clothes, especially for those that may be in between sizes.

Paying for a purchase, at the time of the purchase, avoids debt and being in debt. So the companies that are now offering this option, are responding to the accusations of misleading buyers, and placing them in debt.

So that is a good thing.

However, I still say if it is a buy now, pay now world, you’ve placed yourself in a very competitive pond of fish.

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