My partner of 20 years recently died and we had several credit cards, and a loan together, in addition to the mortgage on our home. We re-mortgaged the house 5 years ago to do repairs and upgrades which were sorely needed. I am lost as to what to do now with these accounts? I am on a state pension as he was the one still working and paying the bills. I don’t want to lose my home, but I cannot afford to pay all these bills on my own. I need some advice.





My condolences on the loss of your partner. Unfortunately, I am getting more and more questions about the situation you face, not that it makes things any better.

The facts are that any loan or account or debt that was in both your names, you are now 100% liable for, as you both were liable for the account, and sadly your partner is no longer here.

Any accounts that were in just your partner’s name, could be chased by the creditor via your partner’s estate, if there is one. The fact you owned property together, means there may be an estate depending on how the property was titled or set-up.

You may need legal advice here.

It can get complicated.

I would add to advise any account or creditor that was just in your partner’s name, to let them know of the situation. Again, you are not responsible for those accounts, but receiving notices and calls can be stressful.

If you can get back to me with more details, as to what your partner owed in just their name and how the property was and is set-up, I can advise further.



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