Hi, I’m 55 years old & just lost my husband very suddenly (May 2021). I have a lot of finances to sort out & was wanting some advice & help if this is possible? Thank you

If I could start with these questions please, I need help to cancel credit cards & council tax if this is possible? I’ve been on groups to try & educate myself but find it very difficult to take in, thank you.

How to discontinue Credit card debt & is Council tax a thing I can refuse to pay? Thank you.




First, I am sorry for your loss of your husband. It is always a difficult thing for someone close to you like that to die. Then when you add to it what to do with bills and debts, it can seem like too much to handle.

I have many questions to ask to be able to advise you, but I will try to keep them to a minimum for now.

To address your questions, you need to speak to the credit card companies and other creditors your husband had accounts with to let them know he has passed. As long as the accounts were only in his name, you are not responsible for these. The companies may seek to claim against your husband’s estate, if he had one, but you are not liable for any account in just his name.

Next you ask about Council Tax. If you lived together and/or had property together, Council Tax is still owed on the property, however, you would now be eligible for a 25% discount. You need to speak to the Council, they will walk you through this.

My questions would be if you had jointly held debts, and also if you had any assets together, such as property. I would also inquire if your husband had a Will?

If you get back to me, I will try to advise you further.



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