I am sure many of you have heard or read this “adage” over the years. And what it states is simple and true. Recently I have been speaking with people who are facing an illness, some terminal, and are concerned about how they can continue to pay the bills and debts they owe.

I have written about death and debts or owing money when you die, but what about while you are still alive?

The fact is this:

If you are ill and cannot work or afford to pay your debts, then you cannot afford to pay them. Your mindset and concentrations must be on getting better, or dealing with the illness. Any money you owe is secondary to getting healthy.

As I always say, easier said than done…but it can be done.

Your first step is to inquire as to what benefits you may be eligible for. Many people don’t like doing this, but if you worked and paid into the system, it is the time to get your money back out.

Depending on your illness or incapacity to work, you may receive enough in benefits to pay your rent or mortgage, and the basics to keep your home.

Next stop is to speak to those you owe, your creditors, and any household bills such as gas, electricity and your water supplier. They may have plans in place to aid you, in addition, once they know your situation, they are more likely to handle your situation in a kindlier way.

In speaking with your creditors, mortgage company, credit cards, loans, etc, you may have PPI or Payment Protection Insurance on the accounts to make the payments for you while you are not working and improving your health.

Next research charities. Depending on your illness, there are charities that offer grants, which is free money, to help those that are ill with their bills.

The bottom line here is to concentrate on your health, and while it may be difficult to do, put the accounts and bills out of your mind. If you have someone to help you with this, that is good, but again, there are charities that can help as well.

And if you have any specific questions regarding your unique circumstance, you can ask them here.

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