I am just looking for some information to be honest.

I’m going to be really honest. I’ve got to the point in life where I’ve had enough of all the pushing around from the big wigs because they can. So there’s two things I don’t want to pay anymore. 1 is council tax & the other is my property management company. Can you tell me if with your advice I could not pay these? I know it’s pretty cheeky of me to ask. Thank you.



Hi Mark,

I can understand your position and questions regarding these bills and fees, and will try to advise you as best I can.

There are a lot of people who feel Council Taxes are not good value for money, however, we have to look at what the Council provides. Rubbish removal, fire safety, the police, and other services. Many of which we may not use or see, but yet, we pay for them.

There are concessions and discounts on Council Tax, such as the 25% reduction if you live alone, sole occupant discount.

Unsure what you are paying to the property management company, is this a service charge for common area cleaning, grounds maintenance, etc?

If you no longer wish to pay these, that is your choice, but there will be consequences.

I cannot say what the property management company may do, besides try to collect what it owed. They may take you to court and seek out a CCJ or County Court Judgment. Which will affect your credit rating.

I do know that most Councils will pursue Council Tax debt and in time take it to court for a CCJ, and may even use Bailiffs to collect the amount owed. When Bailiffs get involved, things get ugly.

Do you not want to pay these bills because you cannot afford them or are struggling to pay them?

If it is a matter of principle, then I ask you, do you want to be right, or do you want to be successful?

If you do not pay these bill, you will NOT be successful.

If you are struggling with debt and bills, we can look more into this and find a solution.

While you may not like it, Council Tax and management fees, are priority bills.

Get back to me and I will advise more.



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