So much has happened in the past 18 months, it is hard to say where to begin, but certain factors have come together to bring about a “perfect storm” of major issues here in the UK, and also elsewhere.

And in some strange way, all these factors are linked, and who would or could have thought of it all.

You have the Brexit with many EU nationals leaving the UK, and leaving the workforce; jobs that need to be filled.

You have the Pandemic with Covid basically shutting the country down. No work gets done except essential work and workers.

And now add to the mix a possible food crisis due to a lack of C02, which creates panic food buying.

But the latest and greatest factor to mix in our perfect storm, a petrol crisis.

As soon as someone writes or says, petrol crisis, the panic buying ensues.

I walked around my city today, and what I saw took me back to the 70’s, and the gas shortage in the USA.

petrol forecourt

Forecourts closed, signs stating No Petrol, and queues blocking roadways for the petrol stations that still had a few precious drops of the fossil fuel.

Panic has not just begun, but is now our present, and short future. The government has “reassured” the public all will be well. They are offering special Visa’s to HGV drivers, and also bonuses, to come back from the EU, and drive/work here.

Funny how when you need something you make these offers, when in the beginning a little foresight would have avoided it.

Offering HGV drivers bonuses and Visa’s is a good idea to bring drivers in other countries back, but at the same time cutting benefits to citizens here seems a bit inequitable.

My advice to those who have contacted me over the petrol crisis is twofold, don’t get yourself into debt by using credit cards buying fuel every time you can, just stick to buying fuel when you need it, maintain your affordability and budget.

And find an alternative means of conveyance.

Easier said than done, I know.

If matters reach an extreme or critical point, and the government sits on their hands, taxies and various public transport will not be running; as they need petrol and other fuels to run.

Back in the 70’s fuel rationing was put into place, it may happen again.

The next few days are critical for us, and for the government to get their act together and sort this out!

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