Unsure if you can help or advise me here, but I thought I would try. My partner and I of 15 years are splitting up. He is the leaseholder on a flat we had, I was not on the flat. Together we have about £12,000 worth of debts, that are in my name. He took care of our home, I took care of the bills, and used credit to pay for many things over the years. I know now that we have split I am responsible for these accounts, but I also know I cannot afford to pay them. Together we both had a wage and contributed to the household bills, which allowed me to afford these debts. I am unsure what to do? I now have to find a place to live, and afford that, and these debts. I am currently not in arrears with any account, but will be soon.

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Anytime a relationship breaks down it is an emotional and difficult time. I do understand.

Then when you add in any financial worries, it can be even more stressful.

My advice would see if you can repair the relationship first. Try counselling, anything. If the love is still there, then there is hope.

If you cannot get the relationship on common ground, you may want to speak to your creditors to advise them of the possibility you may fall into arrears.

Your priority bills come first, rent, utilities, moving expenses, etc, then the debts.

Your creditors may work with you on reduced payments, or a payment holiday, while you sort matters out.

Please let me know how you get on, and I will provide as much advise and research your situation as I can.



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