It was announced this week the travel ban for UK and EU Citizens to the USA will be lifted in early November; for those fully vaccinated. While the details have not been fully fleshed out, it would appear the Internation Skies are opening.

Prior to this announcement, here in the UK, we have changed our system of what countries we can visit, and not visit, to a simple red and green system.

So slowly, the skies are opening up to the East and to the West.

What does this mean?

It means a lot for the airline industry, a lot for the holiday industry, and a lot for the economy of all countries involved.

It means airlines will sell more seats, hotels will sell more rooms, restaurants will have more bookings or diners, and all the ancillary businesses involved, such as transfers, airport duty free, souvenir shops, beach lounger rentals, etc, will all benefit.

This will mean there will be more jobs, companies will be hiring and bringing back previous workers on furlough.

The world is built on travel, economically.

And this travel will come at a new price.

I researched travel insurance and a few other items that go with going abroad, and the prices have spiked up! Big time!

This can be based on our old friend supply and demand, and also companies making up for lost revenue over the past year.

Interesting times indeed.

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