There have been a lot of scams over the years, probably since the dawn of time and money. If you are old enough you may remember the Nigerian Prince scam where they wanted to send you money because they heard you were a person they could trust.

Then there were scammers and fraudsters saying you won some lottery or huge some of money, and had to pay a transfer fee, or some fee.

In the end, it is to get your banking details, and your details, and take your money.

One of the best, if you can say the best, scams I heard of over the years, is that you receive a phone call from some one stating they are with the police, and your bank account was used in a crime. The person then instructs you to phone your bank, which you then do just that, you phone your bank.

You put your phone down, and then ring up your bank. However, the scammer has not broke the line or connection, so when you think you are speaking to your bank, it in reality is the scammer, now taking all your details.

Bold and clever.

And it has been noted bank fraud is on the rise, so we need to be even more aware and guard our details.

Smishing a New Scam

Smishing is similar to phishing, however instead of sending an email, which may look like it is from your bank or a company you know, the fraudsters send a text message, an SMS.

It may be a message that appears to be from your bank saying a purchase has been made or money transferred. Either of which you have not done. There will be a link in the message, which appears to go to your bank for you to click on and follow further instructions.

There also is one that appears to be from a delivery company either stating they attempted to deliver a package, and need you to contact them, or it may state they are holding a package for you and you need to pay some small charge or custom on the item.

Some people have received messages and even phone calls from a recording stating they are HMRC and legal action is being taken against them for taxes that are owed.

Again, we need to vigilant and wary of anyone asking us our details, especially banking details. And now, any text messages providing links to unknown web sites.

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