Anything of value can be insured. And some insurances are mandated legally to have.

If you want to drive on the roadways and motorways in the UK, you are legally required to have car insurance.

Want to protect your home and its contents, you need building insurance, and contents insurance.

There is an insurance policy for everything, including our lives. But life insurance is not something for us, it is for those that survive us, the living.

What It Costs To Die

Death is free, but a sending off or burial, or how to dispose of our remains….is not free.

Depending on who you speak with or research with, and the type of disposal you choose, it can cost from a thousand pounds, (direct cremation), to many thousands of pounds for a funeral.

Death be not proud, or cheap.

Why Life Insurance?

Life insurance is not for the insured, they are the deceased. Life insurance is for the living. It is meant to be a way for those you designate as a beneficiary, to pay for the costs to cremate or bury you. Life insurance is there to insure your loved ones are not left with the expense, or debt, to cover the disposal of your remains.

So a question I get asked is life insurance needed or worth it????


Too many times I have seen families worry about how to pay for a funeral, or the Wake, and in some instances go into debt, taking out a loan or use credit cards, to pay for a loved one’s end of life celebration.

Life insurance, the younger you are when you take it out, the cheaper it is, however there are so many policies now for “over 50’s” that are very reasonably priced. And no medical inquiries.

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