Hi Jon,

I owe HSBC £10k and I need to leave the country due to some issues back home in India. I obviously cannot repay the loan and I need your advice. Can they trace me back in India and force me to collect the debt?



Have you spoke with HSBC regarding the loan, and explained your situation?

They may be able to put you on a Token Payment Plan for a period of time to allow you to sort out your new circumstance.

As to if HSBC will try to collect the debt in India, I cannot really say. HSBC is a world wide bank, but the laws are different in each country to collect debts. They may assign or sell the debt to an agency there in India, but then again they may not. It would be a wait and see period.

Keeping in contact with HSBC prevents any unwanted surprises.

Are you planning to return to the UK?

What type of Visa did you have if you needed one to stay in the UK?

We can look more at this if you want.



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    1. Hi,

      I addressed your question, and hopefully your concerns. Again it is difficut to say if HSBC will chase you to India or not. As you find out more, let me know and I will continue to try and provide advice and help.



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