I was in the supermarket the other day, and while waiting in the long queue at the till, I did what most people do in these situations, I looked at the food others were buying. I wanted to see what they liked, and I was just being nosey.

I also began watching how the people in front of me were making their purchases, how they were paying. Of the five people in front of me, only one paid by cash, the other four, and including myself paid by contactless card.

In watching others make their payments, one thing stood out to me, I was the only one who had to take their bank card out of a wallet. Others had their cards in their mobile phone case, the person who paid with cash, just took money out of their pocket.

I then looked at my mobile phone and its case and the penny dropped….now I know what these slots are for on the inside of the mobile phone case!

You just put your cards and any cash in these….lose your mobile phone you then also lose your bank and credit cards, ha ha.

This caused me to think, and do some research, are we phasing out the use of wallets???

I Am a Wallet Guy

I am a wallet guy, and probably always will be.

One family member gives me a new leather wallet every year for Christmas. I have a dozen of them in a drawer somewhere. ( I hope they do not read this)

I keep a lot in my wallet, cash, bank card, drivers licence (yes, I am old school and carry it around), various loyalty cards, emergency medical information, bus pass (yes, I am that old), you name it, it is in my wallet.

In fact I even have a photo of my partner in my wallet. Even though I have hundreds of photos of us on my mobile phone.

So I am a wallet kind of guy.

The Wallet Itself

Depending on who you ask or where you research, wallets have been around in some form for hundreds of years, the origin of which cane be dated back quite far, probably a spin off of the sack or back pack.

Once paper currency came into use, the wallet became more popular.

And there are so many variations on the wallet. I use a leather, very thin, sort of tri-fold. But many are bi-folds. Some have coin pockets, places for photos, and some are so large they have straps so you can carry them on your shoulder. Like a day bag or bum bag.

Cashless Society, Mobile Phones, and The End Of The Wallet

We are moving to a cashless society, even the government has acknowledged this, and soon the contactless limit will be £100.

Moving to a cashless society does make it more difficult, but not impossible for criminals. They will find another way.

But if we do not need or use cash, do we need a wallet?

When you think about it, our photos are on our mobile phones, we can pay using our mobile phones, and carry what if any cards we need in our mobile phone case. It does sort of make the wallet a bit antiquated and no longer needed.

Let me know how many of you readers still carry a wallet, and whom among you do not carry a wallet.

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