My father died last month and we are now in the process of cleaning out his house. He lived in a housing association property, so he had no real assets. In cleaning the property, we have found numerous bills and accounts that he owed. Not just the usual utility bills, but also some credit cards, and his car was on HP. How do we go about paying these, and do we even owe them? Just unsure what to do?




My condolences on your loss.

The first step is to notify your father’s landlord, which from what you have stated you have done, and also notify the gas, electric, water, and other basic utility providers of your father’s death. They will then send out final bills and notify you of a end of service date.

I would wait to do this until you have cleared the property.

You also can notify any creditors, such as the credit card company and the HP company regarding the car.

Unless your father had an estate of any value, and the creditors wish to place a claim against the estate, those creditors will receive nothing more towards the debts.

Unless you or anyone else is a co-signer or guarantor for the debts, you do not need to pay them, you are not liable.

I hope this helps.



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