My Tier 2 Visa is due to expire and I am renewing it as a skilled worker Visa, but I am worried as I have some debts. I am not in arrears with any accounts, but I have a credit card with an open balance, a car on finance, and some catalogue debt. Again I am paying them, but need to stay here in the UK to keep working to pay them, and am worried the debts will cause my Visa to be declined.

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If you have reviewed the application for a Skilled Worker Visa, previously a Tier 2 Visa, being in debt is not an issue or problem.

Being sponsored, having a job, and being able to provide for yourself, and any family members is the main criteria for the Visa.

The fact you are not in arrears, is also good.

Speak to the Home Office, your sponsor, or who is helping you with your Visa as well.



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