I was a student in the UK and left in 2019, planning to return, but then Covid hit and did not come back to complete my studies.

When I left the UK I had a credit card with money owed, a mobile phone bill, and also unpaid rent and a bill to British Gas.

I am now looking at returning to the UK to complete my studies, can I return to the UK with these outstanding bills?

Will I be denied entry into the UK for leaving these bills behind?

I am a bit worried.


A bit worried,

No need to worry, for leaving unpaid bills or accounts behind in the UK alone, you will not be denied entry.

The issue here is twofold:

A: Having the right documents to enter and stay in the UK, such as a Student Visa or other proper Visa.

B: Meeting any Covid restriction requirements, such as do you need to quarantine, have you received the vaccine, are you required to have private health insurance, etc.

When was the last contact you had with those you owe, and what was the outcome of that contact?

Owing money to rent or for utilities, may make letting a place to live more difficult.

Once back in the UK, the credit card company may begin their collection efforts.

Can you afford to repay these accounts or set-up repayment plans?

Let me know and we can look closer at this.



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