Worked in KSA 2017-2018. Took a loan. Final exit successful. Haven’t been able to pay. Now they are threatening Interpol. It seems the debt was sold off to Bilkish. I’ve got emails from Bilkish, tahseel, and sabb. I am currently working in Korea for another few months and am terrified about clearing customs. I’ve read ksa often files debt as fraud and files a red notice.

I am currently working in Korea for another few months and am terrified about clearing customs. I’ve read ksa often files debt as fraud and files a red notice. If they have sold the debt to a collection company, can they go after me as the bank?



To address your first concern, Interpol does not get involved in Civil or matters of debt. They deal with International Crime.

They are the International Crime Police Organization…as per their own web site.

While being in debt in some few countries is considered a crime, Interpol does not get involved. That is just a threat. And a harsh and sad one at that.

The legalities of going from KSA/Saudi Arabia, to Korea, and so many other questions, are legal and Visa issues. We cannot advise on these. And where are you from, what Nationality, and where will you end up residing?

What is your home country?

If you are working, why is it you cannot pay the loan?

These answers will help me advise you.

Should the loan have a Non-Jurisdictional Clause, and is assigned or sold to a collection firm in any country, they yes, it can be collected in that country. But it must be collected in accord with that country’s laws and rules for debts. Which can vary, and also vary in the harshness they can be collected.

I cannot advice on clearing Customs as the world is changing, and I do not know where you are looking to go after Korea?? Debts in themselves are not an issue, and neither is Interpol. Today it is more about Covid tests, and having the vaccines.

Get back to me and we can look more into this.



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    1. Jules,

      Get back to me and we can look at this more. The bottom line is debts can be sold or assigned to an agency to collect in other countries.



      1. I am an American. The reason I have not been able to has been because of a divorce. Child support and alimony have hit hard.

  1. Jon,

    I also just received this email:

    We are aware that you are receiving our emails and we hope that you are not intentionally ignoring our correspondences as this would be considered as a proof for further actions which we indicated in our first email if we do not receive any reply from you.

    We suggest that you discuss the matter with us as we are willing to hear your side of why you haven’t made any payment until now, so as to help you also finish your obligation with our client and avoid any further proceedings.

    We look forward to your positive reply.

    1. Jules,

      Thanks for the additional information and details.

      Child support and alimony can be a huge expense, I understand. Any chance of having the courts revisit this and reduce what you are paying?

      The fact is if you cannot afford to pay the loan, you cannot afford to pay the loan. Only a collection company in the country you are living in, or will be residing in the future will have authority to collect the loan. And yes, the loan could be sold or assigned to an agency in whatever country that is. And yes, you can also deal with it if that were to happen.

      If this were to happen, the loan would need to be collected in accord with the rules and laws of that country, which may allow you more options.

      It does no harm to speak to the bank or collection agency and hear what they are saying, and explain your circumstance. I realise this can be stressful as they will push you for payment, but again, if you do not have it, you cannot pay.



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