Some say it is a thief’s dream!

We know we are moving to a cashless society, and the pandemic is just proving that point. Currently, £45, is the maximum you can spend without using your PIN.

However, in October that limit will be raised to £100.

So what does this mean for us….well….you can make purchases up to £100, just by waiving our bank card over the terminal. But not too many times.

Some banks have a limit as to how many times you can use the contactless feature before they require your PIN being entered. So this may change as well.

So what about this increase from a thief’s perspective????

Lose your bank card, or have it stolen, and depending on if you have used it already that day, a thief can walk into a shop, make purchases up to £100, waive your bank card, and walk out.


However, we do have some aids in this, and one is our banking apps. Many banking apps now let you to stop the use of your card, just by using the app. You stop the card being active, until either you find yours, if you lost it, or receive a new bank card.

But the contactless limits are going up….

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