And What To Do If Your Card is Declined

There you are at the till, the items you want to purchase being scanned and rung up, you go to pay and your card is declined, the payment does not go through, it is not authorised!

Why did this happen?

What can I do?

Your card being declined or not authorised can be broken down into two (2) main categories, and also broken down by the type of card you are using.

And you might be surprised how often card payments are declined, especially in these times when more and more shops and stores want you to pay cashless.

It can be embarrassing having your card declined, but in reviewing the situation, there are once again two (2) main reasons why a card may be declined.

If you attempt to use a bank card and there is not enough money in the account for the purchase, or if you attempt to use a credit card and the purchase exceeds your credit limit, then this is an error on your part.

Technical errors are on the bank or card issuer’s side.

Many of us use the contactless payments methods to pay for our purchases, and currently the limit for a contactless payment is £45. We may see this raised in the future. There are plans to raise it to £100.

One issue you may experience is that if you are out shopping and use the contactless method of payment a few times within a certain time frame or the same day, it can be 4 times or more, the transaction will be declined and you will be prompted to insert your card, and use your PIN.

This is for security reasons.

If your bank card is declined, you have the option of asking the clerk at the till to put your items aside, and either go to a cash machine and attempt to withdraw the funds needed, or speak to your bank and inquire if the issue is at their end.

In the end, insuring you have the money in the bank to cover the purchase, and/or having the limit of credit for the purchase is your responsibility. Some banks will allow the purchase to go through, but charge you an unauthorised overdraft fee, or in the instance of a credit card, an over credit limit fee.

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