I left the UK in 2017 as I had a temporary Visa to live there, but I overstayed by 18 months. Immigration finally caught up with me and they deported me back to my home country. I now have an offer of a job in the UK and plan to return. My question is when I left the UK, I had some unpaid bills, I still owed rent, a mobile phone contract, a credit card and some catalogues. Will these debts cause my Visa application to be rejected?




What type of Visa are you applying for?

Leaving debts alone would not have your Visa rejected. Most UK Visa for work are looking at do you have a sponser/employer, and do you have a knowledge of English.

What I see as your main concern in applying for a UK Visa is the fact you overstayed on your last Visa. The Home Office should have a record of this, and it could impact their approval or rejection of your application.

You may wish to contact the Home Office and query this.



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