My partner of 10 years wants us to move in together. He has a larger home, and he has lived there 20 years and owns it outright. He also has a lot of debts. He does not have a mortgage on the property, but does owe money on credit cards and also for his business. He is a self-employed plasterer and has continued working even during the lock-downs and has always paid his bills.

My question is if I move in with him, am I then responsible for his debts? I rent from a housing association and would love to have a garden and live with my partner, but I am worried about his debts.





Unless you are on any bills or debts your partner may have, you are not liable or responsible for his bills or debts. Just by living together does not make you responsible.

I have a few questions:

I ask this because if he were to struggle to pay the debts, his creditors may seek to prove he is not insolvent, but has equity in the property to pay his debts. This puts the property/your home at risk.

All may be fine, and your partner can pay his bills and debts, and moving in would be a great thing for both of you. These are just the things my mind asks based on what you have said.



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