I currently live in the UK and had a spouse Visa, and now have an ILR. I wish to apply for UK Citizenship, but I am concerned as I have a CCJ, which I am paying off, and I also have some other small debts. Will the CCJ or debts cause my citizenship application to be rejected?




Having had a spouse Visa, and now an ILR or Indefinite Leave to Remain, I would guess you are familiar with the Home Office’s immigration processes.

Are you completing the Citizenship application on your own, or having someone do this for you?

Either way, there is a part of the application that is called the “good character” section. This is to aid in determining those the government allow to become citizens are not of the sort they would not want to allow in the country.

Being in debt or even having a CCJ, is not really an issue, especially if you are paying it. The good character section is more about criminal activity, if someone has mental health issues, or is not addressing the fact they have obligations.

From what you have stated, you should be fine.



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  1. Hi,
    I have a CCJ and already it settled. but not full they offered me a partially settled . I’m going to apply for the British citizenship. Is it going to effect me?. Please advice me.

    1. Sam,

      The paid CCJ should not affect your Citizenship. The clause in the application is more about good character, if you did not address the issue and left it open. And settling a debt/account is paying it, so I feel you will be OK.

      Is anyone helping with your Citizenship application? Ask them as well.

      You will find the UK Citizenship process once your application is approved a nice one.



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