I left Dubai in feb 2020 after losing my job. I have been severely depressed and wasn’t able to find work back here. I had around £6000 on a credit card at the time of me leaving. From day one I have responded to the banks emails explaining my situation and offering to set up a payment plan. They just refuse or ignore me. They have advised they have opened a police case against me over there and I have responded and asked to pay. They keep adding interest and late payment charges every month and now they have the debt at £15000. It’s making me suicidal, I don’t even know what to do. The amount I offer they just point blank refuse and I can’t even give them any more, I simply cannot afford it.

I am also concerned as I have read lots of scary stories about brits being arrested in Europe as they cross boarders because of Interpol notices, I’m so scared to ever leave the country. I feel like a prisoner in the Uk and I just want to get this matter sorted. Any advice/help will be so greatly appreciated.




I do understand your concerns, and hopefully can alleviate some of the stress you are experiencing.

Banks and lenders in Dubai, have a very antiquated view on the repayment of debts, that and they are very unsympathetic.

If a Warrant has been issued through the police by the bank, then yes, travelling back to Dubai is not a good idea. However, that does not limit your travel within the UK or EU.

The Warrant, should one be issued, is only good in Dubai, although there have been some agreements recently with travel to India. But the UK and EU are OK.

Interpol does not get involved in debt issues, they only deal in crimes when someone commits a crime and crosses boarders.

In addition, the banks in Dubai have no authority to collect a debt in the UK or the EU. If the account is sold or assigned to a UK collection agency, they must collect the account in accord with UK rules and laws, and you have all the debt management and insolvency options to sort out the account, and any other debts you may have.

It sounds as though you are wanting to make payments and work out the account, but again, the banks there are only interested in full payment. You are doing all the right things that you can do.

I know it can be stressful, but you will not be arrested, stopped, or anything in the UK over a debt in Dubai, and you can travel, but you may wish to give Dubai or areas near there a miss.

I hope this helps.



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    1. Chelsea,

      I answered your question about debt in Dubai and your concerns about travelling. If you have any additional questions, just post them in the comments section on the web site.



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