I currently live in the states, and have a green card, but I am also a British Citizen. I have lived in the USA for 5 years, and when I moved here I left some accounts in England unpaid. I met someone, came to America, got married and plan to stay here. We want to go back to the UK when the virus has calmed down. Our concerns are being stopped at the airport for me having left the unpaid accounts, and also just what to do?

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A few questions:

How much debt in the accounts did you leave in the UK?

What kind of accounts were they?

Have you had any contact with those you owe in the past 5 years?

I ask as if you have no contact with a creditor for six (6) years, a debt can be said to be Statute Barred, which means it is no longer owed.

The grey area is if a creditor has attempted contact to your last known address, and you have not updated your details with them.

Regarding returning to the UK to visit, or to live, you will not be stopped at the airport just for leaving debts behind. Leaving the UK owing money is not a crime, and you will not be stopped or detained. So no worries there.

Can you afford to repay the accounts?

The issue there is that if you make contact with your creditors, the 6 year timeline can begin again. So if you have not heard from them, you need to decide as to what to do.

I hope this helps.



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