I am a British citizen and moved to the UAE with my family. I bought a flat in 2009 in Dubai. I have been paying the monthly payment on time till July 2020. I lost my job. The bank was unwilling to listen, negotiate or restructure the mortgage loan. I asked an expert there and told me, I have two option either you go to prison for none payment or leave UAE.

Now, I am in the UK, I have no assets no saving at all.

I am worried if the bank chase me to the UK or send me a debt collection agency and report me to the Interpol and can’t travel anywhere in the world.

What is your professional advice to slice this issue, spring in mind I have no saving and assets in the UK or outside.

I appreciate your kind cooperation.




I understand your concerns, and unfortunately the banks and collection laws in Dubai are antiquated. So yes, it come down to leaving the country or going to prison. There are other options, but only for Citizens of the country.

Interpol is only for crimes, criminal activity. No where on their web site, or within their organisation do they deal with debt, or unpaid accounts. So no worries there.

If you cannot afford the account, you cannot afford it. Should the debt be sold or assigned to a UK collection agency, they need to collect it in accord with the rules and laws in the UK. In addition, you have all the debt management plans and insolvency options at your disposal to deal with the debt.

I hope this helps.



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  1. I just asked a question about being chased for a debt in Dubai while living in the UK. And also if I will be reported to Interpol.

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